Bleach3Phantom Wiki
English Japanese for "Black Cavity"

Spanish for "Throat"

Romaji Garuganta
Kanji 黒腔 (ガルガンタ)
First Appearances
Manga Chapter 3
Anime Episode 1
Video Game Unknown
Technique Type Hollow Ability
Used By Hollows

Garganta (黒腔 (ガルガンタ), Garuganta; Spanish for "Throat", Japanese for "Black Cavity") is how Hollows and Arrancar move to and from Hueco Mundo. A Garganta is a spiritual pathway connecting Hueco Mundo to other worlds. Besides the Human World and Soul Society, it can also connect Hueco Mundo to the Dangai. A turbulence of Reishi blows within Garganta. To move through it, travelers must create footholds using the Reishi.

The term Garganta mostly refers to the portals used by average Hollows to travel between dimensions. There are a few other techniques that allow non-Hollows to open a Garganta:

  • Kūmon: A spatial distortion which Gillians typically use to travel to the Human World.
  • Keikaigi: A technique that connects the space tying two worlds together to produce a Garganta. The opening is generated between two large wooden posts jutting out from two large rock formations.
  • Descorrer: A technique used by Espada-level Arrancar, and sometimes others, to open a Garganta between the Human World and Hueco Mundo.
  • 12th Division Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi opened a Garganta using a device he found while in Hueco Mundo. It required him and Nemu Kurotsuchi to work in conjunction with each other to initiate the effect.

Known Users

(Note: The following list does not include users of the techniques mentioned above, only just the users of the average Garganta.)