Welcome to the Bleach3Phantom Wiki

For all who don't know, I am also known as kyoraku08 in the "fanfic world". I created this wiki to gather all the information from my fanfiction "Bleach: The Three Phantoms" in one place. This wiki's objective, as well as the fanfiction's, is to gather all Bleach media and fit it together in a way to make everything as "canon" as possible. Hope to have some help, but only if it is really help. I ask all who edit to talk with me first, as this is about my fanfic and in the end no one knows it better than I do. Thanks in advance.

Also, Bleach is owned by Tite Kubo. This isn't in any way an attempt to denigrate his work, it's just a little project from a fan and actually an attempt to support Kubo in his work, as none of this would be possible if he didn't start one of the greatest series ever.

What are we going to do in Bleach3Phantom Wiki?

First of all, read the fanfic! Those who edit have to know what we're talking about here, so you can do so by reading the story here: [1]

Once you got a grasp of it, you can start editing. Do so with the information you can gather from the story, the notes I leave at the start and end of each chapter, and the notes I drop in here:

Part I has finished already, part II is still going on. When we finish putting all the info here about Part I, we can move on to other media and place it accordingly to the timeline I am establishing. Unlike other wikis, I want all the info in. Every single detail, even if Kon tripped and fell over. Every bit of information is important and if it was given, it should be taken in consideration.

Again, don't go around putting your own ideas on your own. Talk to me, suggest, and if it's acceptable, I'll allow even your own ideas. As long as you keep in mind to do things in a respectable way, we can do something very good in here.

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